WTW-LSc 20, a portable, mobile dual axis Autotracking Antenna with C-Band. This portable light weight Telemetry Autotracking Antenna for mobile and stationary applications is perfect for drone (UAV), missile and general flight tests. Our WTW-LSC 20 Tri-Band Autotracking Antenna is the perfect mobile solution to be C-Band ready.

  • One Person Portable, Dual Axis Operation


  • Smallest and Lightest Tri-Band Auto Tracking Antenna


  • Ethernet or Secure Wi-Fi operation


  • Completely Self Contained, no Field Hardware Modifications


  • Wide 3dB Bandwidths for Rapid Acquisition


  • Industry Leading Velocity and Accelerations
WTW-LS20 one man portable

One man portable light weight auto tracking antenna

The WTW-LSC 20 (Tri-Band) is a new generation of Tri-Band Dual-axis Autotracking antennas. The unique design includes Smart Connected GUI. The antenna is IP64, therefore no Radom needed. An immediate calibration occurs after switching on the Antenna to set the absolute Encoders in both axis (no calibration drive needed). An Embeded Webpage controls the Antenna and allows up to 4 operators to look at the Antenna Parameters through High Speed Ethernet and/or secured WIFI with a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. We developed the first 3D animated Antenna GUI in the world and we proudly showed it the first time at the ITC 2014 Show in San Diego and again in 2015 where it was officially launched in the USA and now available through Rampart Defense Solutions for purchase.

WTW-LS 20 (picture shows the WTW-L/S/C 20 with added C-Band)

WTW-LS 20 (picture shows the WTW-LSC 20 Tri-Band with added C-Band)

• Gain / 3dB Beamwidth:
– ~ 16dBi @ 1435 MHz / 26,5°
– ~ 19dBi @ 2350 MHz / 16,2°
– ~ 20dBi @ 5250 MHz / 12,1° (WTW-C 20 Single-Band and WTW-LSC 20 Tri-Band)
• Weight:
– appr. 24kg (WTW-LS 20 Dual-Band and WTW-C 20 Single-Band)
– appr. 29kg (WTW-LSC 20 Tri-Band)
• Dimension (EL. 90°): 25,5″ x 16″ x 23″ (WxDxH)
• Dimension (EL. 0°): 25,5″ x 15″ x 22″ (WxDxH)
• Polarisation: RHCP und LHCP
• Mode:
– Manual-, Program-, GPS- and Autotrack (single channel monopulse tracking)
– Optional with position compensation
• Torque:

Our WTW LS20 at customer base during a flight test in U.S.A.WTW LS20 at customer base during a flight test

– Az. max. 40Nm
– El. max. 69Nm
• Speed:
– Az. max. 90°/sec
– El. max. 60°/sec
• Movement:
– Az. unlimited (Slipring)
– El. -10° up to 90°
• Calibration:
– Absolut encoders in both axis
• operational Windspeed: up to 65mph
• stowed: up to 100mph

pdf Datasheet WTW-LS 20
pdf Datasheet WTW-LSC 20
pdf Datasheet WTW-LS 20 Tower

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